Szabolcs Lénárt

He graduated from the Faculty of Social Sciences at Janus Pannonius University (now the University of Pécs) with a degree in Human Resource Management, and from the MBA programme of the Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences at the Budapest University of Technology with a degree in Business Analysis, Production and Logistics Management. In 2018, he obtained a higher qualification in industrial property protection at the National Intellectual Property Office.
Professional experience:

  • He worked at KÉSZ Group for 22 years, 9 years as logistics manager, 10 years as operational manager – 5 years of which he was also a member of the board of Kész Holding Zrt. – and 3 years as business development manager. He was the owner’s representative in several subsidiaries of the Holding, was involved in the strategic management of the group (analysis, planning, implementation, feedback) and was responsible for the coordination of the different sub-strategies.
  • Co-founder and Managing Director of the IQ Kecskemét Industrial Innovation Centre.
  • He worked as Managing Director at Ikarus Egyedi Kft., managing the development of the M3 metro replacement bus tender.
  • As a ‘business angel’ investor, he was a partner in MSD Kft., preparing and closing the successful acquisitions of the company in 24 months.
  • He held human resources management and investment management positions at Pro-phyl Kft.
  • Since 2019, he has been Head of Production at Femtonics. Since 2022, as Chief Economist, he manages the company’s economic, manufacturing and supply chain areas, as well as managing and supervising investments. Since August 2022, as the Chief Economist of BrainVisionCenter Nonprofit Kft., he is responsible for the company’s operations, the processes related to investments, the development and management of the company’s ‘business processes’.

He is an expert in managing special projects with complex scientific and technical as well as economic challenges.