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Science plans for the long term and looks far ahead, showing perspectives. Our aim, at the BrainVisionCenter Research Institute and Competence Centre is to do more: our mission is to turn scientific discoveries into tangible high-tech based healthcare developments, and be used as products.

Our research focuses on developing cures for incurable neurodegenerative diseases – depression, dementia, epilepsy – and disorders associated with the loss of vision and blindness. Our scientific staff – physicians, biologists, laser physicists, chemists, mechanical, electrical and optical engineers, and software developers – are committed to achieve that complex molecular neurobiological methodologies, 3D laser microscopy technologies and neurophotonic tools bring new diagnostic methods and therapeutic pathways to everyday medicine.

Our innovation-driven research institute puts industrial and engineering expertise at the service of medicine and brain research. We have created a synergistic knowledge base where internationally renowned research experts synthesise their knowledge to identify new directions in medical technology development.

Our institute is part of the international scientific community and conducts its research in collaboration with a number of national and international partners. We are involved in cutting-edge medical device biotechnology and drug discovery projects along the latest trends. Our aim is to contribute with high standards of scientific excellence to the creation of knowledge and intellectual property, both nationally and internationally.

We believe in the power of diversity and youth, which is why the BrainVisionCenter’s professional community is committed to supporting talented young people with outstanding performance. We are open and inquisitive towards the next generation of researchers, providing a platform for collaboration between research institutions, students, doctoral and postdoctoral programme students that fits the Institute’s profile. We intend to take a proactive role in progressive knowledge development processes, which is ensured by a highly talented, prepared and cooperative staff community.


BrainVisionCenter – ‘Journey Inside the Brain’ Scientific Conference

2022. 09. 05.

The scientific event features presentations by leading researchers, collaborators and partners of the BrainVisionCenter Research Institute and Competence Centre in the following topics, which forms the basis for future medical diagnostic and therapeutic tools and procedures: – new molecular biology […]