Department of Molecular Biology

The main task of the Department of Molecular Biology of the BrainVisionCenter is the introduction, development and application of new molecular biology methods in line with the objectives of the research institute. The main activities of the department are the generation of viral vectors and the application of different vector systems according to the needs of other BVC departments and external partners. It also provides genetic tools for the genetic manipulation of tissues derived from the human central nervous system and other primate animal models or tissues derived from them.

The primary activity is the generation of recombinant adeno-associated virus (rAAV) vectors by molecular cloning, which can be used to the targeted investigation and modulation of the activity of specific neuronal cell groups with high efficiency, in combination with the appropriate microscopy.

The Department of Molecular Biology is proactively pursuing the development of new genetic tools and tool combinations. The results of these activities are published in prestigious international journals and publications.


dr. Áron Szepesi

Head of the Molecular Biology Department

Éva Jámbor

Research biologist

dr. Flóra Fedor

Research biologist

Miklós Madarász

Research biologist

Anett Matuscsák

Research biologist

Adrienn Biró

Research biologist