Department of Biology

The primary goal and mission of the Department of Biology of the BrainVisionCenter, in line with the main objective of the institute, is to perform behaviour-related visual sensory measurements that could form the basis of a vision restoration therapy based on cortical stimulation.

The department operates in two separate units.

The multiphoton department is where the functional 3D optical measurements, which are central to the research institute, are carried out. It houses several 3D acousto-optical microscopes, unique in the world, which allow high-resolution and high-speed measurements, including the stimulation of the areas of the retina and cortex in various animal models. State-of-the-art 3D scanning techniques, motion correction and online analysis methods are constantly being developed throughout the BrainVisionCenter’s operation.
The Animal Technology Unit offers the possibility to maintain rodent and non-human primate models under hygienic conditions in compliance with GLP practice and EU regulations. A behavioural testing laboratory for each of the two species is also located in the centre, with both conventional and automated training systems available for behavioural protocols.


dr. Gergely Szalay

Head of the Department of Biology

dr. Zoltán Szadai

Senior biologist researcher

Andrius Plauška

Biologist researcher

Eszter Báthory

Biologist researcher

Borbála Kertész

Biologist researcher

Tibor Lőrincz

Biologist researcher