A new research centre is being established in Budapest

The BrainVision Centre will have an important role to play.

A new research centre of national importance has been established in Budapest under the leadership of Professor Botond Roska and Balázs Rózsa, with the support of the Ministry of Innovation and Technology (ITM).

The BrainVision Center will be responsible for the preparation of basic research processes for the diagnosis and therapy of central nervous system diseases and the implementation of a basic research programme for vision restoration, as presented at the founding ceremony of the research centre.

László Palkovics, the Minister of Innovation and Technology spoke about how this announcement fits into the Hungarian innovation ecosystem. He recalled that the government has put in place the legislative and institutional framework and is also in the process of restructuring higher education institutions.

The establishment of the research centre was supported by the ITM, the NeurofotonIQa Knowledge Centre Foundation and Femtonics, founded by Balázs Rózsa.

Following László Palkovics’ speech, Balázs Rózsa and Botond Roska gave scientific presentations.

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