2020-2.1.1-ED-2021-00190 Application subpage

Project ID No: 2020-2.1.1-ED-2021-00190

Project title
Establishment of infrastructure for the basic research programme for the restoration of vision and for the basic research processes for the diagnosis and therapy of other central nervous system diseases.

Short summary of the project:
By implementing this application, BrainVisionCenter Nonprofit Kft. undertakes to establish the research infrastructure necessary to launch a research programme spanning almost 12 years, the part covered by this application, and the technical equipment necessary to implement the research plans. This technical equipment is a neurophotonic, acousto-optical technical development that goes beyond the current frontiers of science and technology with a multidisciplinary approach, and represents a valid alternative for the leaders of the scientific field. The research programme is expected to contribute to the acquisition of scientific degrees by a number of Hungarian researchers, to the retention of research excellence, to their professional fulfilment and/or to their return home, in such a way that Hungary’s scientific and technical advantage in the development of neurophotonics and acousto-optical systems will not only be maintained but also increased.

Project implementation period: 2021.12.28 – 2022.12.27

Project budget: Ft

Project aid intensity: 100%

Project location:
1094 Budapest, Liliom u. 43.
1094 Budapest, Tűzoltó u. 59.
7673 Kővágószőlős 524/1.